Blowing in the Wind

What a great weekend. Beautiful warm weather to bring on a big case of “Spring Fever”. Finally got those sages planted with a little help from my friends. Got lots of items on my to-do list accomplished. The vet came and worked on a sick goat and the Ferrier came to trim our donkey’s hooves. Our girls were not very cooperative this time. In fact, Lucy, our youngest donkey was downright terrible. Our poor ferrier. I hope he will come back. Friends and family were just left to do their own thing this weekend. One friend painted all day while her husband helped us with our chore list. The wind brought a fun opportunity for my three year old grandson to go kite flying although I suspect his dad was really the one having the best time. Spring is here and that makes me HAPPY!

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  1. Hi Bunny!

    I am “following” your blog, too.

    Do you follow this one:

    She’s also on a ranch and I enjoy reading her blog very much.

  2. weekendcowgirl says

    I love The Pioneer Woman and have followed her for a long time! She does a great Twitter also!!

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