Buffalo Friend

 This grand fellow does not live at my place ( my cowboy will not let me have one) ! I am lucky because he does live “down the road” where I can visit with him occasionally. I have always had a fascination with these wonderful creatures. When I was a little girl my parents would take us kids to a little theme park in Oklahoma where we could enjoy bumper cars and other rides of the past. I loved going each year, but also dreaded going because there was a sweet old buffalo who lived in a cage his size where he stayed for decades. It always broke my heart and I yearned to bring him home to our ranch every year. I just knew he wanted and needed to “roam” the grasslands and enjoy life. I have loved these creatures ever since. I get a kick out of watching this fellow just enjoy being a buffalo and he DOES enjoy a good life. I love having fun and interesting friends!

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  1. Sorry what you want, still no BUFFALO!

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