Emy- November 22, 2009

This has been a long time coming, but today we had to say goodbye to our beloved donkey, Emy. You only have to have farm animals to understand the depth of love one can have for any barnyard animal. We purchased Emy at an auction knowing she was in her senior years, but we could tell she would enjoy living with us for her final years. She is the most loving and gentle animal I have ever known and our love for her is amazingly deep. We have loved her and she loved us. Goodbye to our sweet Emy. She will be missed by us and her donkey friends and by the goats who have stayed by her side the last few years. Our hearts are truly broken today…

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  1. Emy will sleep well over the rainbow bridge. I have a senior horse and every time I think about having to make that decision for him I lose it. So I completely feel your pain. You should look at it from the bright side though- she got to spend her last years fat, happy, sassy and well-loved.

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