Friends, Twins & Great Thanksgiving!

Last weekend we had the warmest & most beautiful weather. We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends and had way too much good food. After Thanksgiving we had friends come visit us at the farm. My good friend disappeared into the hills to paint all day as she is an artist. Her husband set out helping us with a long list of chores. Panels went up in sheep barn, a new freeze proof water cut-off was installed, sheet metal repaired & limbs trimmed off of barn. We all worked hard to complete these projects before the cold front moved in and on a farm that is enough to qualify as exciting!!! We also had some surprises over the weekend. Our sheep started lambing. On Saturday we had three of the sweetest little lambs to help celebrate our holiday weekend (one set of twins). The cold rainy weather blew in on Sunday so it was nice to have finished some of items on our list of “things to do”. More pictures of new lambs will be coming soon.

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  1. so cute!

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