Getting Ready For The First Big Freeze!

We had snow flurries today and we will have our first big freeze tonight where it will drop to around 23 degrees. We wrapped all pipes last week, but still have one last pipe to do tonight. Nothing like waiting until the last minute. I knew we needed to go ahead and take care of that last pipe, but came up with 52 reasons why we should wait. Now, we will go out after dinner and wrap it in really COLD weather. It never pays to procrastinate!
We have nice soft fresh hay for all the new lambs and their moms so hopefully they will stay toasty tonight in this cold blast. I think we have winterized everything else. We may have a stray hose or two still out, but will gather them up tomorrow. We still have lots of grass in fields for animals so they have plenty to eat. Sheep and babies all in barn. Donkey’s and goats in pole barn. Cows under trees. Everyone should be happy tonight. We will heat the house until it is really warm then turn everything to low and warm up in bed with heating blanket turned up high. This old farm house can get really cold in the winter!

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