Girl Watching

We call these three deer “The Girls” and they reside in a small guest room in our farmhouse. When friends visit, many stay in this special room, we affectionately call “The Lodge Room”. This is extremely misleading since it is such tiny room. None of our guests ever complain so guess they find it sufficient for a short visit. We have a special couple who visits us often. They love to come lend a hand with our chores and special projects. My friend is an artist who spends her day finding  just the perfect farm spot to paint. While we do farm chores she does plein air paintings. When evening arrives she always has a wonderful home cooked meal for us to enjoy. We then spend the evening playing board games or watching a movie.  Everything is great until bedtime. Then the ritual begins. After she has changed into her PJ’s and has turned back the covers for bed we hear her tip-toe to the bathroom. She’s quiet as a mouse as she swipes three towels. She returns to her bedroom and proceeds to gently cover the eyes of all three deer so they cannot watch her while she reads and sleeps! She does this every single time she visits and we do not know whether to laugh or cry for her. We finally decided she must really like visiting the farm to endure sleeping with “the girls” again and again.

Girls Are Watching

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  1. That is too funny! But I could see that having those six eyes staring at you while you slept would be a bit unnerving!

  2. Oh! I did the same thing to an elk in my Gramp’s house when I slept over! I LOVED that elk – would spend hours playing with her in whispers during th eday – but when th esun went down I always hung a scarf over her! Isn’t that funny? 🙂

  3. weekendcowgirl says:

    We have an elk in another bedroom & a few of the kids were not sure about it either. My friend will be glad to know she is not only one to cover the eyes.

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