Best Kitty Friend

I was talking with a sweet friend yesterday about her struggle of  her aging cat of 17 years and his declining health. For those of us who have formed strong and loving bonds with our pets; it is always a dreaded topic that we do not even want to mentally entertain. I know I am not the only person who considers her pets to “be more” than just a “pet”, but rather dear animals that I love and interact with on a daily basis. Even my “farm animals” are so easy to fall in love with. How cannot I not love all the sweet sheep, goats and donkey’s who follow me around when I am working?  They talk, nuzzle & beg me for special attention. They want love and attention and they receive it! Even the cows who tend to be a bit more “offish” rub off on you. Whoever watched a group of little calves playing and willing to trust you to pet them without getting a special soft spot for them? When you have had cats and dogs who live intimately with you for many years they become a solid part of your family. They are the one’s who stay with you when you are sick or things are not going right with your life. They love you no matter what mood you are in…

We have had many cats living with us. Now we are down to one special kitty. His name is Fellar and he came to us as an abandoned cat 15 years ago. He was a stray that adopted me in our backyard and he has been my very best friend since that day. He never ever leaves my side and is always close to where I am. I do not think I have been more loved by anyone! I just have to take a look at this special kitty and my heart just smiles; as I write this he is asleep next to my computer where he will stay loyally until I leave to do something else. Our life has been enriched by all our many animals and I cannot imagine traveling through life with out all our wonderful pets. I know that in time Fellar will move on to be with our other pets…I also know that someone special will need a home and people to love  and will find a place with us.

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