Cow Whisperer

A few days ago I had time to spend talking to the cows. I guess you can officially call me the “Cow Whisperer”!  These two were really sweet and were happy to get a pet and face rub. I love how their coats are long and fluffy for winter. They will be shedding all that hair in the next couple of months. I have never really taken the time to photograph the cows. I think the next sunny day I will take my big camera and try to get some good photos and head shots. We have plenty of cows to photograph; I will see if they want to cooperate with me. Probably a little feeding of corn will do the trick!

This mama and baby are so sweet. This is the only light baby in the crowd! I think she is really pretty.

This young calf is especially friendly and loves interaction with us.

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  1. Our cows are crazy for cake – the yearlings still come up the the truck when we’re driving out to see if just *maybe* we have some for them 😀

    Very sweet faces! Thanks for sharing!

    • weekendcowgirl says

      Anytime I am riding in pastures they think I am the food train! They love anything I give them! Corn & Cake are good! In fact all the animals think I am the link to food! In summer they are sad when grass comes out.

  2. I love that you are acow whisperer!
    One of my best friends is an old Heifer named Maise.
    Softest fuzzy coat – eyes all soul.
    One of life’s best simple pleasures!

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