Montana Snow Mystery Solved

Last week I posted a snow mystery picture that appeared as nature’s perfect piece of art. Many of you commented that you would like to know what made the design. Some of you even begged. It really is a beautiful picture even though you did not know what it is. This photo was a fun “teaser”!

Now I want to show you the same picture taken in the summer.  My dear friend spent one entire spring laying the rock path to her Labyrinth. It is a walking path set up in a special pattern that leads the walker in one continuous direction in to the center.  Guests and kids love to walk it. It is a great place for meditation. It also is an art statement centered in the middle of her yard. She keeps the Labyrinth immaculate and it is a “show stopper” for sure. Thanks to LL for sharing this with us. She also has beautiful gardens that I will photograph next summer. You will be green with envy!

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  1. I wondered about that, too. What a beautiful piece of lawn art! We can barely manage to keep our grass cut, let alone artistic. Forming new goals for summer…

    • http://weekendcowgirl says

      I would love to do this, but I would not bet it will happen! You have to hand trim the grass! I spend all my time trying to get weeds out of grass that blow in from the pastures. I am very happy to have a nice green farm yard.

  2. Very cool! I saw this photo on your blog last week when I came by and I was wondering… It looks like a pumpkin!!

    Love your winter photos, by the way!! I love winter in the country, and I always feel like photos never totally do it justice. Yours make me feel like I’m back at the farm though!

  3. How fun! I just happened across this post today. I’m a TCU Grad (Brite Divinity School) and and married a Delta Gamma who graduated from TCU school of nursing (BSN) in 1986. As part of my work, I am working on a map of all permanent labyrinths available to walk in the U.S. You can see this map at:
    I would love to include this labyrinth on the map, but only if your friend was willing to have it listed. It may mean she gets a few (not likely many) visitors who’d like to walk it.
    Regardless, thanks for posting the pics. It is a very nice looking labyrinth.

    • http://weekendcowgirl says

      Yay Frogs! Glad you found my blog. My friend is a very private person who would never want anyone to know where she lived so cannot share. In fact she will be moving in the future so it very well may go by the wayside. It surely is lovely though… I wish I could do one, but it just would not make sense in our drought area. Never enough rain to keep anything green at the farm! Thanks for stopping by. Tell your wife to drop by the DG house if you all ever visit the campus which looks totally different than when you were there… Beautiful campus and awesome stadium!!!

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