Morning Maddness!

Woke up to a blizzard. We do not have blizzards here so the excitement is building! They have forecasted 8 inches of snow. By the looks of the snow and size of flakes that will happen by evening. We have not had this kind of snow in a decade or two. I am enjoying nature’s gift to us today.

While many are staying home I woke up with a mission. The snow was not keeping me at home today. Yesterday I was on The Flow of Flotrude and she had purchased the cutest shoes. I wanted a pair! Not only were they cute (as anything I have in my closet), they were from Walmart and only $12. So snow or no snow I was heading to Walmart this morning. I found my shoes and I am one very happy camper!

While at Walmart I picked up cute Valentine cards for my family.

After leaving Walmart and seeing several fender bender’s I decided I better head home before someone hit my car. Not before I headed to Starbucks to stock up on a Vanilla Skinny Latte. Confession: I bought two, because after all it is a freakin blizzard outside, and I will need that second one before the day is over. That is my excuse and I am sticking by it.

I am home. Warm and snug as a bug in a rug! I just finished having lunch. Cooked Mac and Cheese. Not my wonderful homemade Mac & Cheese, but the good kind right out of the box. It was easy, quick and very tasty. I love it!

Did I say that I love real snow days? I can do whatever I want without feeling guilty that I should be doing something productive. Today I am spending my afternoon blogging, twittering and onFacebook. I will also spend treasured time reading on my Kindle. These kind of days come around only once every ten years to 20 years. I am going to enjoy this snow day to the max.

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  1. Love the shoes! Definitely worth a Wal-Mart run in a blizzard to get!:)

  2. Ahhh I would love a snow day again….

    I LOVE your first picture. It would be incredible, blown up and framed with a big, white matte!

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