Old Red Barn

I love old barns! They can be in any condition, any color and any style… These photos are of a barn I found in Montana. It has such character and it makes such a statement. Since I photographed this barn it has been updated and repainted. It looks wonderful, although the pictures of it before the restoration are really my favorites . One major thing on my list of ‘to dos” is to spend time photographing old barns. I am planning to make this happen in the spring  when everything is sunny and beautiful. I hope to just hit the country roads and take photos of all barns I can find. I would be in heaven if this barn was on our farm…

Barn Windows

Barn Full View

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  1. I always think the image of a dilapidated, old barn suggests so many stories. We have a lot of weathered, falling down barns in these parts; it would be an interesting road trip to go photograph them all.

    • weekendcowgirl says

      I would love a brand new barn! But, photographing is another matter completely. I really love the old-weathered-beat up barns. As you said they have many untold stories. I hope when it is warm and sunny I can hit the roads and take lots of barn pictures. I love the red chair in your picture!

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