Retro Tea Party

Last week I went shopping at Target. Target is one of my all-time favorite stores. I bop in to buy one item and bop out with twenty. I have limited my visits because I can spend hours and hours going up and down the isles. I am not a shopper and do not love spending my day going from store to store. In fact, I really dislike shopping. Target is different. Anything and everything I could possibly want is right there just waiting for me. Anyway, last week I was picking up a few goodies for all my grand-babies and came across a retro toy section. My eyes immediately came to a stop when I discovered this lovely little retro tin tea set. It has precious Scottie dog graphic and looks like it came straight out of the 50’s. My little granddaughter and I spent all weekend having tea parties. She loved it as much as I did. Thanks Target!

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  1. How cute! Target had these? Wow. I love Target also. My daughters pronounce it “Tar~Jay” 😉

  2. I too have a set for my Serro Scotty…given to me by my lovely daughter… Sooo Cute!

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