Hoping for a Bumper Crop… of Flowers!

Last spring we were without any flowers. Not one wild flower anywhere. We were in the middle of a severe drought which left us with barely any green at all. This has been an extremely wet winter and it appears our spring will have an abundance of moisture also. If this happens, then we should have tons of green grass and hopefully masses of wild flowers! We have a stretch of pasture, with the right conditions, that will have beautiful Bluebonnets. They are lovely and a great place to photograph the kids. On the other hand, no farmer or rancher particularly likes having Bluebonnets on their place! ( Kinda like having weeds, you know?) If we have oodles of flowers I will be blogging many spring flower pictures! This photo is an old favorite of our field of flowers along with a beautiful old oak tree. Our good friend R. took it a few years ago.

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  1. What a gorgeous photo!
    I hope you get your bumper crop this year. I bet you will!

  2. Beautiful pic! Wow…we all need spring to hurry right along.

    Great site, Weekend Cowgirl!

  3. I’m also rooting for you to have a carpet of wildflowers. Here, we have forget-me-nots and mustard, which probably spread like your bluebonnets, and are sometimes seen as weeds. Not to me! Bring on the flowers.

    • weekendcowgirl says

      Yes, I am hoping that we have them. They really come around really wonderful maybe every 5 years or so. I think my Cowboy will be spraying this pasture next spring because we need the pasture to have grass for the cattle! So really crossing my fingers for good photo opportunities this spring.

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