Bandit (Bandy) 1995-2010

Our lovely hunting dog, Bandit, finally left us yesterday. He was such a sweet loving dog. We are going to miss him terribly. He loved being loved on and usually stayed right by back door so we could give him a pet or two when coming in and out. It is always so hard to say goodbye to such loyal and loving friends. “Bandy” we will miss you always…

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  1. Kelly Pugh Kelley says

    so sorry to hear about bandit. such a sweet dog. i was in town from march 6th – 19th. on the 18th, my mom and i happened to drive by your house and saw the black lab (sorry, cant remember his name) lying by your gate. i then thought, “oh, i wonder how those dogs are doing.” interesting how that was on my mind a few days after bandit passed. he had a great home!

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