Heavenly Bluebonnets

This photo is of our Bluebonnet field three years ago. We had an entire pasture full of flowers and they were absolutely stunning. We have had plenty of rain this winter so should have them this season, but I am not seeing them like I did a few years ago. It will be interesting to see what happens. As beautiful as the flowers are they are not good when in farming field.  They are considered a weed in pasture land. This pasture will be treated for weeds next spring so I know I will have no more flowers on our hill next year.  We need to have grasses growing for the cattle instead of flowers. Sad for me, but great for Cowboy’s field!

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  1. Fabulous photo! A great place to roll around, huh, cowgirl? So sad to know the bluebonnets will disappear next year. Perhaps you could transplant a few somewhere else? I KNOW you can do it!

    • weekendcowgirl says

      That field needs to be set aside for coastal grass only! Do not worry as we have them other places also. I am not sure they are going to be good this year. They should, but that does not always mean they will. The cattle might be stomping many of them out this year. I will take trips on down the road and try to get good pictures of them if not on our place… Cattle have to eat you know!! Cowboy has let me keep them about two years longer than he should have!

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