Heirloom Quilt

I love vintage quilts. I am fortunate to have a few from both my side of the family and also from my husband’s family. My father’s grandmother and great grandmother were excellent quilt makers and I enjoy having a few from them. My husband’s grandmother made many quilts to pass on to future generations. I have passed on a few of these lovely quilts to my kids. I even love new quilts. Pottery Barn has some of the prettiest with beautiful colors to go with today’s decor. I can go through a Pottery Barn catalogue and always find at least half a dozen I would love! The quilt I have pictured was made by my great grandmother. I am not versed on quilts, but think it was called a Friendship Quilt. The names are of friends and family and are embroidered on each square. I love this because when unfolded it has every color imaginable with really pretty fabrics. I love reading all the names and can even remember a few of the women that I would have met when just a child. This is definitely a family treasure. I had my quilts packed up for safe keeping for many years and then finally realized that my kids are probably not going to put the “value” on them that I do so I pulled out a few to actually use and enjoy. Good thinking!

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  1. Beautiful!
    I’m just learning how to quilt and I have to say it’s harder than I imagined. My grandmother made gorgeous quilts for 27 kids and grands!
    I’d love to carry on her tradition, but at this rate…

    • weekendcowgirl says:

      I am so impressed you are trying. I do not sew so could never attempt such an endeavor. When I am in Montana all of my friends quilt, so I just sit with them and visit on quilting day.

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