Spring Break Fun!

Our cute six year old grandson had spring break this week. He had a fun trip with his family to visit a friend’s lake house last weekend. His mom, sister and he then spent a few days with his other grandmother for spring break fun. I had promised him he could then spent the night with us. He wanted a “special day” with just him. Visiting the zoo and museum’s were out of the question this week because they were packed with spring break families. We just planned simple things like picking up a Wii game, going to bakery and he really wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese! I tried to think of fun places to go that would not have all the spring break crowds and could not come up with one unique place to take him. I finally had a thought! I called a close artist friend to see if she might give him an art lesson using oils. We walked to her house and the fun began. He loved the three hours he spent learning how to properly use the brushes and mix the paint colors. He learned patience and how to really think before you paint. They discussed whether to paint a landscape or abstract.  He was so enthralled and eager to paint with “Miss S”. He was calm, he really listened  and best of all he had a wonderful time painting his abstract! He is so proud of his painting and after the oils dry then we will frame it for his room. The next morning when he woke up he told me he loved painting with “Miss S” more than even going to Chuck E Cheese! That was the moment I knew he had experienced a wonderful and meaningful opportunity. What a special day with my darling  six year old. I hope this was fun time for his memory bank!

Six year old artist in training!

Final Abstract!

He chose a pretty Easter cake for his bakery treat!

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