“These Boots are Made for Walking…”

Found these precious old vintage boots this weekend at our local town square St. Patrick Day Festival. There is a photographer shop on the square. He had two really beautiful benches on each side of the door with these vintage boots sitting on the benches. The boots looked absolutely darling just sitting in front of his building. Hope you enjoy the “cuteness” of these old boots! Nothing better than vintage cowboy boots. Don’t you just love how he decorated them?

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  1. Beautiful! I am such a sucker for old cowboy boots! Great photos. They’d look fab framed on the wall.

  2. I loved the photo so much I had to share it with friends.

    • weekendcowgirl says:

      Thanks so much. I just visited your site. I cannot leave a message until you go to settings and add the Name/URL option. It is an option for you to add! Let me know when you have added and I will comment!! I want to see pictures when you get box finished.

  3. Great photos! And Great idea for the boots!

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