April Irises

I have a really pretty white Iris bed. It is in front of our farm house under a tree by the metal fence. Half of flowers are in our yard and the other half on the road side. I think everyone that drives by must enjoy them every spring.  Last fall I cleaned the bed, added soil and fertilizer, cleaned off old dead leaves and removed some of the bulbs. This spring all that work paid off as they never looked better. Now, I am wanting to add a bed with the purple and yellow varieties. Just need to pick a spot and find a friend with Irises so I can transplant a few. I love the look of Irises and basically they are very hardy and require very little care. That is my kind of farm plant! The meaning of Iris varies, but faith, hope and wisdom are three words that usually describe them. The Iris’s history dates back to Greek times and you can find the Iris in virtually every country in the world. There are over 200 varieties world wide. I love my white Irises, but am yearning to add more colors for next spring!

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  1. Oh, so pretty- I LOVE the purple and yellows too!

  2. I planted some at the old house where Zach and I first lived. I never got to see them bloom, but was told they did. There is one plant here at this house. I assume his ex-wife planted it. I have several sets of iris bulbs that I hope to plant this fall if mother nature doesn’t start snowing in October!

    • weekendcowgirl says:

      I want some pink ones also beside getting purple and yellow. I think I just found them on internet!

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