Flea Market Girl’s Trip

A college friend and I traveled for a day trip to see a special friend who has recently moved about two hours away. We had the most fun ever! It was wonderful to laugh, tell old stories and spend time together. By the end of the day we had literally laughed all day long. We even chuckled when we lost our way! After picking up our friend we all headed to the flea where we all found little cheap treasures. They had a wonderful nursery and we all came home with pretty hanging baskets to put on our porches. Lunch was yummy Mexican food and then to antique store across the street. We drove the little country roads home and had a beautiful sunset to view. What a memorable day… There is nothing better than a “Girl Trip”!

On our travels we saw lots of Bluebonnets.

We found darling Bluebird houses on the side of the road.

We got lost and had to ask for directions at this saloon!

Flea had an amazing nursery. We all came home with plants and baskets.

There were many old Victorian homes for us to see. This was our favorite.

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  1. This sounds like such a fantastic way to spend a day!! I can’t think of anything better to rejuvenate than spending a day with a friend, cruising the roads & flea markets and eating mexican!!
    Those blue bonnets are so pretty. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen those in Eastern Canada. Are they a prairie flower?

  2. I love friends like that! Sounds like a near-perfect day!

  3. Where did you go?I want to go too if I can find it. I’m looking for wire plant stands for ferns. Antique looking,rusty.etc. Found some in G. for $50. Too much I thought. Haveyou seen any. They are about 3 ft tall. love your blog.

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