Hidden Rosebuds

Cowboy had bulldozing done this week to clean out unwanted cedar. As a surprise, he had the bulldozer man clear me out a few hiking trails and new areas to explore. In the process they found a lovely grove of Red Bud trees that had been in a hidden wooded area. Now I have my own special secret grove of Red Bud trees. This is very exciting and the only thing better is if they were in my yard.  Every spring I will be able to hike to my new favorite spot to enjoy my special hidden Rose Bud trees.  It will be a fun place for cowboy and I to have a picnic!

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  1. Now that was sure romantical of Cowboy! My man bought me a red bud tree last Mother’s Day and planted it in the yard. I keep watching for signs of life this spring – but nothing yet.

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