Mississippi Porch

I love front porches and the chairs/rockers that they display. I especially love when beautiful colors have been used whether it be the wooden floors, shutters or the chairs/rockers. When on a girl’s trip, a few years ago, I took a quick photo of this house which had been converted into a restaurant. We had made reservations to dine at this establishment on our drive home, but sadly I do not remember where in Mississippi this was. What I do remember is how vivid these color combinations were. It was lovely and even though it needed a fresh coat of paint it did not detract from the overall beauty. It more seemed like an old porch that had welcomed many visitors along the way. Old porches exude history and charm. I want to visit Mississippi again in near future as they have gorgeous homes and landscapes to photograph.

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  1. Well, you know I LOVE that photo. Awesome!

  2. Girl, this is speaking my language!

    I love a porch, and I especially love a porch that has a painted floor. And i love porch furniture – swings, rockers, that old metal furniture.

    Have I mentioned I love a porch?? (I think I said that a few too many times. But you get the point! Tee hee…)


    • http://weekendcowgirl says

      Yes, porches speak so many personalities. Nothing better than a pretty porch and cute chairs.

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