Bear Has Broken Paw

Bear, our Black Lab, is 14 years old and managed to break his foot. We have no idea how, except it had been raining, so maybe he slipped. He may be entering his senior years, but he still has that black lab energy 24/7!  He has had a new cast put on every week for the last six weeks. Each week the cast was a different color although my favorite was this first one which had a white heart on it. His cast was removed this week and we are hoping his foot will finish healing soon. He is a real sweetheart and he is so good natured. He is still missing his best friend, Bandy, who passed away last month. Bear is getting lots of extra attention… We love this sweet dog dearly!

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  1. Poor Bear- Bear! Bless his heart! He looks like a chipper, happy guy, otherwise though!

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