Sidewalks Not Needed

This was me when I was nearly four. We lived on our ranch which had no sidewalks. You notice this did not deter me from riding my trike every day. Loved my tricycle and loved to ride it in the yard and down the gravel driveway. It took a lot of effort to ride that trike in the grass, but most country kids ride without cement of any kind. If you look close you can also see I am wearing the cute moccasins which probably started my love for the Minnetonka Moccasins which I have today. In the yard was my treasured sandbox. Also in background was our old barn. Nothing I love better than old barns. I think many of my “likes” must have started when I was very young!

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  1. I love this photo!

  2. My kids have now graduated to riding their bikes on the grass and gravel – makes them tougher! I love the moccasins!:)

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