Girls Lake Trip

Nothing makes life better than a girl’s trip to the lake. We had lot’s of fun and were lucky that the weather actually provided us with two wonderful sunny days.  This was great way to start the summer season by spending a few days just boating and swimming all day with a little shopping on the side! Of course, the best part is enjoying time with good friends.

More beautiful wildflowers on the drive to lake. These flowers were everywhere. The sides of roads and fields were totally covered in a sea of yellow. They are called Golden tickseed or Golden-wave. They are in the Aster family.

This is a view of the lake where we boated all day. Since school is not out and we went during the week there was no one on the water yet. We had the entire lake to ourselves. The water was COLD when we first got in, but after swimming for a bit it gradually warmed up. It is earlier than I usually go swimming in a lake, but we were on a swimming mission and swim we did! Saw lots of birds and turtles!

Traveling home we stopped in a small town because the sign on the highway was so cute. Look how precious the little store was. It had darling purses and jewelry. I was crazy about polka dots on the outside of the shop!

This was a cute way to dress up a chandelier. They had added lipstick Christmas ornaments to decorate the vintage silver on the light. Very Cha-cha! I think this will inspire me to decorate my chandelier on holidays…

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  1. Gardensage says:

    Looks like you had a wonderful trip. Love the photos.

    • weekendcowgirl says:

      I didn’t really take any photos this trip, but at least I had a few… hate it when I do that!

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