Old Barn Wood

I love old barns and all the wonderful history that comes with them. All old barns contain a distinct personality whether it be their shape, color, or regardless of their state of repair or lack of. My favorite barns are sometimes the ones who display many decades of wear and tear. If I had to chose the barns I like best they would be the old ones with natural wood that have never seen a coat of paint. But, the old red barns whose lofts and doors remind you of a face are right up there with being remarkable. My ultimate dream would be to have cowboy drive me on a long road trip across America where we would travel country roads in search of barns for me to photograph. Who knows? No Way That Will Happen!

This old Montana┬ábarn is no more as it was beyond repair and for safety reasons had to be taken down. I love to look at the colors and textures of this particular┬ábarn wood. So very interesting and quite beautiful. I would consider this art at it’s finest.

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  1. I’m with you! I love old barns and old houses. I wish they could talk and tell us their stories. They don’t make barns like that any more – with hay lofts and smiling faces. Somehow I doubt that in a hundred years our great grandchildren will feel the same way about our pole buildings!

  2. I agree with ya on the wood on old barns. I have seen where the wood was reused, and it was absolutely gorgeous.

    • weekendcowgirl says

      One of my friend’s put it in her den and it is the nicest room I have ever seen. I would do it in a minute if I ever come across some old wood.

  3. I love old barns too. Our old barns have all been declared heritage sites and cannot be taken down. With urban sprawl here, thats a good thing.

  4. I so love barnwood! Our barn is made out of Colorado beetle kill pine… Pretty and very neat to see what would otherwise be discarded turn into art.

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