Sentimental Sunday

I can actually vividly remember the day this photo was taken. My grandmother had a small 13th birthday party for me with a few of my friends. My grandmother was in very poor health, but still took the time to make sure I had a special day. She was the sweetest lady and I still miss her to this day.  Helen Arlene, Dona, Sherry, Anna Kay, Susan, Jana, Nancy all joined me for a sweet little lunch my grandmother had prepared. We laughed and giggled and tried to act grown up even though we were not. What fun memories. These were a special group of girlfriends and they all grew up to be wonderful women! Most of us left for college after graduation and ended up all around the country. Makes me homesick to think of all of us so long ago and all the special times we shared. Wish I could “zap” all of us together for a tea party! (Me? Front row-far right)

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  1. What a wonderful memory to have and a picture to treasure forever!

  2. oh i just loved seeing this. i miss my Grandma Minnie – she always made all of us kids feel special. at the time she died i think there were 27 grandkids and 14 great-grands. she was a “grand” old gal.

    • weekendcowgirl says:

      27 grandchildren. How wonderful for her and how wonderful for all the grandkids. Sounds like a fun big family…

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