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We used to have a beautiful grove up on the top of our hill. It has been there as long as we have been there. Two years ago, a tornado whipped across the hill going directly through my wonderful oak grove. Most of the  trees were uprooted and many others completely destroyed. Last year, a second tornado went over the same path and took more of what was left of my lovely grove. I was so brokenhearted to lose my favorite spot. It looked like WWIII had hit it. Last month cowboy had a bulldozer come in and remove all the dead trees and clean the area. Our grove is not as beautiful as it’s previous splendor, but I am happy it is in back where we can enjoy the area. We have been trimming the trees, removing vines, sticker bushes and rocks. Another month and we will have all broken limbs removed. Last week I moved two metal chairs to the grove and this weekend cowboy had a surprise for the grove. Now we can have picnics up on the hill. It is good to have my old favorite spot back! This area has great sentimental value as it was my mother in laws favorite place at the farm. We now call it “Ev’s Grove”. 

Love my new picnic table. Notice the bird house in the background.

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  1. I’m so glad you got your grove back! I love the picnic table and the name!

    • weekendcowgirl says

      Well, I guess now it is a mini-grove, but at least it is cleaned up now where I can enjoy it. I do love my picnic table ever so much! I am just praying for no tornados this spring and summer.

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