Spring Days At The Farm

This week at farm has been very busy and Cowboy and I worked on checking off items on our spring “to do” list! We love spring as it is a great time to get caught up on all the things you could not or did not want to do in the winter cold. It is a time to get the farm back into shape before the heat comes. Spring is a busy time at our place!

  1. Cleaning up small cedar trees that grow under our large live oaks
  2. Work on repairing fences
  3. Put up four bird houses along our trails
  4. Spend at least a few hours each day lopping small cedars in pasture
  5. Burn a few brush piles
  6. Work in barn
  7. Clean flowerbeds

These are just a few things we have worked on. Our list is always longer than we have time. This week we did carve out time to enjoy nature and all the animals. Even spent time taking a few photos. Cows are all enjoying the nice warm days and will be calving in a couple of months. They are content to graze and rest under the oak trees everyday! The sheep and lambs are doing well and the goats and donkey’s are great and loving all the nice days and fresh grass that came with the April showers. Here are a few photos from this week at the farm!

These cows are grazing on top of one of our hills. They have a great view!

This lone cedar was one left on a hill that had been bulldozed a few years ago. I was going to cut it down, but decided to “limb it up” instead and now it will grow to be a lone cedar tree on the hill. I think I shall have to give it a name.

I put up four birdhouses along some of our trails. Here are a couple of birdhouse shots.

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  1. I not only love to-do lists but LOVE to-do lists on the farm!! There’s nothing like burning brush and fixing fences on the farm to complete a beautiful Spring day 🙂

    Best of luck with the list!!

  2. Fun Spring pictures………

    And one can never put up too many birdhouses!

    I must say that I totally love most any work that I have to do around our place whether it’s shoveling animal poop or getting dirty hands from dividing flowers or planting the vegetable garden!

    Cowgirls are like that …as you know! LOL

  3. That lone tree definitely needs a name – but I have a tendency to name everything from trails to trees!

    • weekendcowgirl says

      We name our trails/roads also. Cowboy is actaully going to make me signs this summer (he says). I sure hope so. I still have not come up with name for tree, but I am sure the right name will come to me soon!

  4. We are super-busy too…and we are about to be over run with babies in a couple weeks. But the big news is… we might get a feeder calf! I’m really excited – we figure we can feed him off on goat milk and graze for a while. We don’t intend to grow to full weight, but a little something for the freezer.

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