Flowers Can Be Decieving

These are the last of our beautiful spring pasture flowers. Well, these are not exactly wildflowers, rather flowers that belong to weeds. The weeds that we do not want in our pastures! Never the less, these weeds have produced many lovely flowers. I do not know the names of the plants these came from. I pretty much try to identify my wildflowers, but have never taken the time to find the names of these. Since they made for some pretty photos I decided to post them. If there are any weed experts out there who can tell me what these are I will be happy for any identification!

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  1. I love these photos! They ALL look like “home” to me. This is a lovely site, by the way. I hope to return soon. I always enjoy seeing you at SunnyRoomStudio — it brightens up my day! Best wishes for your day,Daisy

  2. Can’t help you with what they are, but your photos are awesome.

  3. I’m no expert on western weeds – but the 4th one looks a lot like what we in Iowa call bind weed (wild morning glory). The 5th one looks like a coreopsis – which isn’t a weed at all here – but a much sought-after wildflower that you pay big bucks for at the garden center. All of them are beautiful!

  4. So pretty, the purples are my favorite. I live in the midwest and only two look familiar to me. Is the purple ball a thistle plant maybe? I know that white one!! Farmers around here HATE morning glory! Thanks for sharing.

    • weekendcowgirl says

      Morning Glory it is! I do think the purple one is in thistle family. I am going to try to take time to research them when I get a minute!

  5. These are weeds??? They are beautiful!

    • weekendcowgirl says

      They are weeds! The group of yellow ones may end up being a wildflower, but not sure. Thanks for visiting.

  6. both yellows belong to the coreopsis family…

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