Flowers Beware

Think twice when carefully placing your babies, toddlers or kids in wildflowers by the side of the road to catch that perfect Bluebonnet photograph. Take the time to inspect the area really well for anything that bites. This big boy would not play nice.

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  1. ACK!!!! Is that a legit rattler or one of the impersonators? I see a mighty big rattler! Oh so brave to get this shot.

    • weekendcowgirl says

      It is a rattlesnake. I did not take the photo. Got it from a friend. I bump into them, but never have my camera. Tried to get photo last week, but by time I got back with camera it was gone. Just as well!

  2. My skin is crawling just looking at those photos! I can’t take it!

  3. we killed a big one in the corral earlier this spring, and then a smaller one by the road near the house a few days later and ran across two big black ones in the pasture. I didn’t get off my horse to kill those two!

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