Friday’s Flowers

Still have flowers blooming in my yard, but the heat is really taking a toll on them even though they are receiving plenty of water. I should have snapped shots before they all started showing the effects of the hot weather. I do love having spring and summer blooming plants and really enjoy them every morning when it is still cool. These are a few that are in my garden.

These lilies have been in my yard for many years. They are still my all time favorites.

Daisies are always a good thing.

I have several Rose of Sharon bushes and each has a different flower color. I have pinks, purples and white.

I loved the Tick seed wildflowers so much this year I bought a container to plant in my flowerbed.

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  1. I like the daisies, but all your flower photos look awesome.

  2. Fun. Coincidentally, I had yellow flowers and white daisies today, also.

  3. I love the lilies. Mine just opened while I was on vacation. Great photos!

  4. Daisies are my fav!

  5. I love the daisies, of course! We planted some by our mailbox this year … english daisy, shasta daisy, and vanilla butterfly daisy (an annual). Really enjoying their summer colors … and while I know it’s too soon to dread winter (well, I felt a twinge of that yesterday). Have a great day. –Daisy

    • http://weekendcowgirl says

      I used to have Shasta daisies and loved them and am planning on adding some again next year.

  6. So pretty! I have lilies in my yard too. I didn’t plant all of them, some of them were there when we moved into the house, but I added asian lilies and star gazers- neither of which are big and bloomy this year due to the stupid grasshopppers!

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