Girl’s Road Trip

Yesterday I took a day road trip with a good friend. We drove to see a dear friend who lives in a small country town nearly two hours away. The town has 4,000 people with many beautiful old homes from the 1800s sprinkled here and there. It has a relaxed lazy feel, although I must say that the only time we visit our friend is on the weekends. The area has a heritage rich with agriculture and, as with many small towns, has a historic downtown which is being renovated. It is a scenic drive to see our friend, but with all the intense heat and no rain lately we saw way too many crops burning up on the drive. Nothing spectacular to photograph.

First thing on our agenda after picking our friend up was to go eat Mexican food. We all enjoyed hefty servings of Fajita Nachos!

Next, we headed around town for an afternoon of antique shopping!

My friend came home with this darling 1940s baby carriage for her kiddos to play with!

I purchased this vintage tablecloth at an estate sale we found. Very cute. Only paid $4. I can only say that on ebay these things go for much more than I paid!

My friends gave these to me for the farmhouse. Aren’t they wonderful?? I came home with fun new decor for the kitchen and bath. Chickens and cows and kitties oh my… I am in heaven!

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  1. Nothing better than a day with good friends and good food!

    Looks like you all found some fun things to take home.

    The snake picture gave me the willies…..but the cat cracked me up…………….

    • http://weekendcowgirl says

      Yes, we love our goodies! The cat cracks everyone up. Rattlers- have to learn to live with them. I hate them, but must admit they give an inch because I should have already been bitten and never have been. I try to stay aware, but they always appear in that split second I am not paying attention.

  2. I am truly inlove with that carriage and DEEPLY jealous your friend bought it 😀

  3. I love that cow cream pitcher! So cute!

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