Friday Flowers

Took this photo in Montana. The flowers were gently falling from a hanging basket and I thought they were some of the loveliest I have ever seen. I do not have any clue to their identity, but decided to blog them anyway! They are simply beautiful.

Thanks to Katy I now know these lovely flowers are Fuchsia!

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  1. they’re called fuchsia.. there are a few types that are cold hardy, but in colder places (like montana) they are an annual…

  2. I wanna go visit Montana…as a child I actually lived in Rocky Boy Indian Reservation for 3 years. Beautiful country.

    • weekendcowgirl says:

      Well, you need to go back and visit there. It is beautiful and plus would be good to photo special places that have special memories…

  3. We have both annual and hardy Fuchsias here in BC. I love the hardy ones. They bloom all summer.

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