Grizzly in Lupine Flowers

Took photo of this Griz two weeks ago in Glacier National Park. Isn’t he a beauty? In case you are wondering, I was in the car and he was about 30 feet to my left in some bushes. I took one quick snapshot and then we drove off  before he decided he needed meat instead of flowers for dinner! No car is any kind of protection against these big boys. They are amazing animals and so very majestic. This is one of the reasons our national parks are so very important. It is vital to protect nature whether it be in animal or plant form. I am happy that Glacier National Park is able to save these beautiful bears. I was so very excited to see this guy! (As always if you want larger view please click on the photo)

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  1. Wow, what a great photo! Glad you didnt stick around though.

  2. That’s close enough for me! What a cool sighting! We’ve sometimes seen black bear – but never a grizzly.

  3. What a fantastic photo you got! Such powerful creatures.

  4. What lovely photos. Some of my favorite memories are from times spent in Our National sounds like your trip to Montana was a wonderful. Glad you saw the bears. The beauty of nature is so humbling.

  5. Lupine is one of my favorite flowers! That is an amazing shot- you’re so lucky. I don’t know that I’d ever want to see a grizzly in person, but I’d like to get as close as you did to take a photo. Awesome. Just awesome.

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