Country Antique Fair

Cowboy took me to a neighboring town for an antique fair in May. He would have rather been shot…really! This event had been highly publicized so I was dying  to see the antique dealers that were participating. The town is small and  I was not sure what to expect, but it was a fabulous and successful antique show. Huge white tents had been erected and all the vendors had space in the nice cool shade. The vendors had wonderful vintage items for sale. I only purchased a few small items, but the potential was there to do some major damage. I thought it would be fun to post a few things I saw on this adventure.

I loved these old glittered bottles with old jewelry used to decorate them. I did come home with a few of these!

I thought these old rusty cans with a nest and eggs were an example of what anyone can do on a budget.

This was a cute bison lampshade.

This was a lovely old metal trunk or ammo case. They are very popular.

Hope Napkins. I wish I had bought them.

And of course my adventure would not have been complete without finding vintage boots!

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  1. Sept. 11 always makes me sad, but a sight of those boots cheered me up pretty well. Beauties! I always look for boots first at antique stores and flea markets, etc.

  2. I would have love to go to this show! Finding treasures is right up my alley

  3. Oh my! JEALOUS! There is nothing like an awesome pair of vintage boots…

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