August Raspberries

Montana had a cool and wet spring and summer this year. All fruit harvests ran a little later than usual. The raspberries were just perfect for picking around the time I was packing my bags to return home. I did manage to snap a shot of these little beauties. I think these berries ended up in a little jar of raspberry jam.

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  1. We planted a raspberry bush, but we haven’t gotten anything from it. I’m wondering if it’s just not a good place in our yard for it. We’ve had it a couple of years, and still nothing.

    Yours look delicious!

    • weekendcowgirl says

      I think sometimes it takes a few years before they produce. I know that you trim them down a little at end of season and give food and they should be good for the go. Good Luck for next year. They sure make great jam! I guess you should check and make sure the bush is one that produces well in your area?

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