Cowboy’s Last Sunflower

Cowboy planted all our sunflowers this year. Our sunflowers had a hard time this summer with the extreme summer heat.  This summer was really too hot and we found them very wilted more than once. Cowboy snapped this photo this week of our very last sunflower. I really love our sunflowers and already planning to add more next summer. I want to spend time this winter looking at all the different varieties and trying some new one’s next spring. Some of the flowers tolerated heat better than others this year, but cowboy just mixed the seeds and planted together so I never did know which varieties worked out the best. If you have a favorite sunflower please leave a comment!

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  1. My daughter’s been asking to plant sunflowers lately. Any tips?? Did you grow them from seed or seedlings?

    • weekendcowgirl says

      We do seeds. I actually planted a little late this year and then it was severly hot. We plant in a part of pasture also, but when we planted no rain and hot sun so those never even grew at all. Maybe next year. She will love them. They grow so nice and big and are so pretty. Look forward to pics next summer!

  2. Aw. I always enjoy your sunflowers. Thanks for posting a pic!

  3. Not the last sunflower! We will have ours until the frost kills them – or the big winds blow them down. I had a couple well over 20 ft tall and the last storm took them out. I save the seed heads for chicken snacks in winter and plant whatever is left.

    • weekendcowgirl says

      Mine took a big hit in July/August when it was so extremely hot. I was gone one week and they never recovered. I just lopped all the stalks down this weekend. Sad.

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