Hope Floats

Hope Floats, but in this case maybe not always! I love anything that has the word “Hope” on it. A few years ago I traveled with a friend to Boston. We decided to do the Cape Cod thing and headed to a Bed and Breakfast in Chatham. What a beautiful area. We traveled there in March so there was virtually no one on Cape Cod which meant we could spend lots of time just wandering around and traveling the small roads. After staying in Chatham we headed to Sandwich to visit all the antique and glass shops. Somewhere on the way to Sandwich I spotted this old neglected vintage boat lying on the side of the road. Obviously, at some point in time, someone had a wonderful time in this boat. They had taken the time to paint it pink and paint the Hope logo. Can’t you just imagine them happily rowing on a lovely piece of water, sunning and enjoying a beautiful picnic lunch to celebrate the day? It makes me wonder what happened. Did the owners grow old together and family no longer wanted the boat? Did they find a bigger and nicer boat to use and no longer cared about this one? Did they move and just did not care to find this boat a proper home? Makes me sad that it was just left to fade away… that it no longer has hope… at least to float.

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  1. So sad for this lil boat. But I’m envious of your travels. I need to make some time for myself to travel a bit more.

  2. What a sweet vintage boat! It just needs a bunch of flowers planted in it – or something!

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