Old Fences

I love many vintage things and old fences are among my favorites. Old fences just speak of history and character and make me want to know what has transpired within their boundaries. I love old wooden fences the best. Depending on geography they come in all shapes and sizes. Different wood is used in different areas.  How great it would be to go from state to state to view all the different fences while traveling down the highway? What you might see in south would be different than the fencing in the northwest. East coast fences vs west coast fences. Tall fencing, short fencing. Fencing for cattle. Fencing for big game.  This will give me a new reason to take a future road trip.  Cowboy will be thrilled when he finds out I want to drive and photograph fences!

This was a lovely old country fence in Montana which was in a bad state of disrepair. It was completely restored to it’s original beauty. Love it when people value old architecture and restore old falling down fences.

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  1. When we first moved here the hedge posts that leaned in every direction really bugged me. I grew up with straight wooden fence posts and solid fences. After awhile I grew to love their artistic look. Now when I visit my parents all those straight fences looked so stuffy and contrived! 🙂

  2. Fences….what to keep in and what to keep out! LOL
    Years ago we visited Mexico in our motor home (something you would not dare do today) and we had a wonderful time with all the friendly small town people. They crated fences using dried cactus skeletons and other types of wood that could be found in the area. The fences they created were very artistic looking regardless of their uneven height, width and other spacing. I regret not having taken pictures of some of them.

    • weekendcowgirl says

      We used to go to Mexico also and I wish I had taken fence photos also. Our friends had the high cement and stone fences with the cut bottles at top. They really were a work of art!

  3. Your daily photos are fun. I’ll have to resurrect some of my old fence photos. Dwight B.

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