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Weekend Cowgirl has been thinking about getting a new pair of boots. You would not be impressed with my boot collection. On a day to day basis I just bop around in old work boots. Working in the pasture, mucking barns and work in general at the farm demands a no frills boot. When I am not working I love my comfy Ariat Fatbaby boots. I am yearning for a cute pair of boots and thought I might consider supporting “my team”- TCU. Have been looking at the options and these are a few I have found so far. Don’t know if I will end up with a pair, but it is fun to think about wearing these to a game! Which pair do you like? While searching for TCU boots I found some really great collegiate boots out there. Do you have a pair?

These are cute!

I always love black. Like the square toe.

These are nice. I love the brown.

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  1. Maybe U need to write Santa early this year!

  2. I like the brown toed boot. Fatbaby boots are very popular here too and comfy.

  3. Justin is probably about 40 minutes from me. If you ever go there let me know. I have a pair of well worn red boots both my mom and I got in the late 70’s (matching). Mine wore out I have hers. They have great sentimental value.

  4. Gotta go with the pair that has the horned frog on them. You just have to.

  5. I love the black. If I’m not mistaken those are Anderson Bean boots, which are basically the best boots out there. They are very very comfy and made in America. And they will custom make you a pair of your liking if you wanted to go that route. I don’t work for them by any means I just own a pair of their boots, and a pair of their sister company’s boots (Rios of Mercedes).

  6. Love the first pair! Where can I get some? Those are awesome!!!

  7. beth aka flute diva says:

    I would love to know where you got the purple and white tcu boots at the top of the blog- they are AWESOME and I’d just love to get a pair!

    • weekendcowgirl says:

      The brown and purple are from Justin Boot Co. I think the others were speciality that someone had made. At the bowl game I saw tons of pretty varieties, but they are not in stores so assume people had them specially made…

  8. beth aka flute diva says:

    I will check into that, then. Love your blog- I bleed TCU purple too- so delighted these days to see that I am not alone! Go Frogs!!

    • weekendcowgirl says:

      I bet I saw at least 100 cute TCU boots at bowl game and most were special made. Oh, there were some great ones! Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you back soon! I will try to find photos of neat boots I took at bowl and post them soon! Feel free to pass my blog on to others…

  9. beth aka flute diva says:

    Sounds super! Loved that game- wish I had been able to go, but we did watch it on the big screen at home. Then when it was over, we shot fireworks out back- isn’t country living great?

    • weekendcowgirl says:

      You can email me anytime by clicking on the little bottle cap that has white envelope on it on the top right on home page! Yes, country life is great!

  10. So which pair did you end up with? Did you order the purple / White pair from Leddy’s?

    • weekendcowgirl says:

      Did not get any yet. Hubby got the solid brown with logo. I am still trying to decide which pair to get. Going to look at boots at games and then see what I like! I was sad at Rose Bowl that I did not have a pair!

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