This Truck is Stylin’

Imagine owning this beautiful vintage truck and cruising down the highway! How much fun would that be? Spotted this antique truck in Whitefish, Montana this summer. Wow, I love the color and love the truck. Cowboy and I would look pretty cool riding to town in this!

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  1. Just what we are looking for, an old classic to show. Coming to states soon to look for one. Hubby wants a 55 chevy

  2. That is a beauty! Why don’t they paint cars in that color these days … I think it might be fun!

    • weekendcowgirl says:

      Yes, cars are not as fun as the 50s cars and trucks! I like some of the 60s Corvettes and GTOs also! We have all gotten so proper with the colors we drive. What I would give to drive an old turquoise or pink 50s car. I would have a blast!

  3. I’m normally not a fan of riding with the windows down, but I’d make an exception. It just seems made for it!

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