Wedding Flower Fabulous

My dear friend’s daughter finally had her wedding last evening. It was a special day we had all been eagerly awaiting. The wedding was special and perfect, but the decor was absolutely amazing! All floral arrangements were all in cream colored flowers. The arrangements were abundant and really set the tone for the fun evening. The evening had a very elegant and classy “feel” thanks to all the beautiful flowers.

These tall arrangements were on every other table. They took your breath away!

These smaller arrangements were sprinkled on tables also.

Here is a close up of one of the arrangements. The cream colored roses were the highlight.

These were beautiful wall arrangements.

This area had a wonderful combination of lighting, flowers and candles. Very dramatic! This was taken after wedding was over so tables had already been moved out.

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  1. What beautiful flowers! I love the creamy white. Looks like a fabulous wedding!

  2. Sometimes I check to see who’s leaving comments at My Yellow Farmhouse and I’m real glad I found you. Wonderful site you have. The groups of white-off-white flowers are beautiful and I loved the bridal shower pictures.

  3. Really stunning! Thanks for sharing the pictures. And thanks for stopping by SunnyRoomStudio recently. Always nice to have you share your thoughts and wisdom there. –Daisy

  4. This was a wedding weekend for me too…. only I was the photographer of an outdoor wedding. I didn’t sleep well the night before the wedding for fear of the CLOUD factor. THANKFUL that everything went perfect!

    I always love your shares on your blog. Thank you for always sharing your thoughts on my site.

  5. Gorgeous! Love it!

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