Birthday Boots and Buggy

Our precious little “girlie” is three years old today! She is very excited for her birthday party. “Girlie” will be celebrating her 3rd birthday at the TCU football game tailgate party! She is a mix of a little bit tomboy and a lot “girl”. She loves to be rough and rule her big brother, but the other part of her heads for pink clothes and dolls. She always has a big smile on her face and she is sure easy to love.

Cowboy got her boots to match my new boots! She got a tiny pair of Justin Gypsy boots identical to mine – like cowboy gave to me two weeks ago. She is going to look adorable in them. Notice the pretty pink stitching. She will wear these with her little TCU Cheerleader uniform to the TCU games. It’s the fad you know! All the college girls are wearing cowboy boots with their shorts and skirts to all the collegiate football games. It’s definitely the latest rage and “girlie” will dress to impress at today’s TCU Football game!

“Girlie” has had a certain buggy (pram) that she has been wanting for over six months so that is what I got her. Isn’t this pink polka-dot buggy adorable? She is already clocking many miles taking “Miss Dolly” for many rides. (Photo courtesy of Pottery Barn Kids)

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  1. Gotta have one of those buggies for my little Angel! But we will have to wait a couple of years. We’re barely navigating the floor by ourselves yet. And I must admit that all the talk about the boots makes me want a pair for myself. Wonder what the local yocals around these parts would have to say about them thar boots?

    • weekendcowgirl says:

      Oh yes, you all will be getting a buggy for sure! That will be so much fun to look forward to! The boots- well not sure about that!

      • weekendcowgirl says:

        Yes, he was a sweetheart. Hope you all get some pretty fall foliage soon! It will be interesting to see if we get any pretty fall leaves here this year…

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