Our cute Cowboy passed away last night. He really did have lots of personality and we will really miss him. He was a little shy, but sure loved his treats. He was called Cowboy because he looked like he had a little white saddle on him. We love you Cowboy.

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  1. He sure WAS cute! Losing ANY animal is hard. But I’m sure you made him happy while you had him.

    • weekendcowgirl says

      Thanks. It is always hard to lose a pet at our place… no matter what size. He did have a great life and lots of love.

  2. Oh, he was so cute! That’s the really hard part about having animals….having to say goodbye. 🙁

  3. Sorry to read that…

  4. So sorry to read about this. He is adorable looking. I agree about the saddle look. Haven’t been into your blog until today. Been busy still unpacking things from the house to here. We don’t have much color in the foliage yet. We had too hot a September – up in the 90’s. Usually by now it is bright leaves in red, orange, yellow, etc. It is cool right now – about 50 degrees. I have the slider open to keep the apartment comfortable.

  5. Oh no! Poor Cowboy. One of our baby goats that was born in April, we called Spot. He had to be shot the other day because he jumped off a hay stack (or was pushed by the uber evil billy goat we refer to as Goaty-Goat) and he broke his back. Poor guy.

    I hate losing any animal- especially when they’re part of your family like Cowboy was. He was so cute. But he holds a special place in your heart and will always be remembered.

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