Glacier National Park “Jammers”

If you have never been to Glacier National Park then you are missing the most beautiful park ever. I have been at least 50 times and never tire of the wildlife, nature and scenic views. I think I could go into the park every single day and never tire of visiting there.

One of the most fun things you will see if visiting the park are the famous “Jammers”. These bright red buses can be found parked at the park lodges and traveling the Going -to-the-Sun road of the park. They are 25 foot buses with enough room for about 17 passengers. The buses were built by White Motor Company between 1936 and 1939. They were all renovated in 1989. The color of the paint on the “Jammers” is Mountain Ash Berry Red. Over 500 “Jammers” were built for all the western national parks, but most were retired in the 1950s and GNP is one of only parks to have theirs renovated and in use today. Although I have never ridden in one it looks like a fun way to see GNP. They really add wonderful personality to Glacier National Park! They are fun to spot driving up and down the pass. You cannot miss the red sparkle slowly traveling up and down the mountains. See for yourself and visit Glacier!

Here are a few views of the darling “Jammer”.

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  1. Wow, what an awesome vehicle! Have to show hubby as we are avid classic car enthusiasts. Never heard of jammers before. I will bet its hard to buy one.

  2. Cool you in the car? Glacier is an interesting park.

  3. Would make a great looking car/bus for a wedding party!

    • weekendcowgirl says

      Not sure how many weddings they have in Glacier, but bet they have. I saw a Jammer full of Amish women and it was a very cute photo moment.

  4. Totally rode in one of those at Cheyenne Frontier Days! Except it was yellow… Totally pimpin’ girl 😉

  5. FYI, they are not heated! When a car went over the bank and traffic backlogged for hours, those on the bus were mighty cold by the time they got down off the Going-to-the-Sun road! (and hungry since the road was fresh out of restaurants that high up! 😉

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