Farmhouse Porch Chairs

There is nothing prettier than a nice old farmhouse porch with pretty wooden rocking chairs just begging to be used. Found this nice porch a few weeks ago and it made me sad winter is on it’s way, but happy for what next summer will bring. I do not have a big front porch with room to place rockers, but if I did I think I would have rustic ones made from cedar. Front porches host summer fun with everyone rocking as they wave to passing neighbors while sipping on lemonade or ice tea. Porches enable “it’s people” to rest, think and daydream. Porches are a great place to enjoy a summer shower. I am not a winter person so I am holding on to all good summer thoughts and maybe someday I will have that front porch with a few special rockers. If not, I still have a special place to do all these things under my beautiful oak grove. I hope winter passes quickly because porch or no porch I will be ready for summer.

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  1. You and S. need a rocker and front porch right about now!

  2. Just take those rockers inside for a bit, girl. Grab yourself a drink and a friend and watch the rain fall in front of a big window! Great conversations can take place anywhere! Or better yet, pull them up in front of a blazing fire! Wow! What a place to “talk the night away”!

    • weekendcowgirl says

      I will always just be a summer girl at heart! I get lots done in winter because it is when I get great cleaning done in the house. Also a great time to purge house and garage. However, that drink and fireplace is calling!

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