November Montana Snow

My Montana friends have had an abundance of snow this month and it has been very chilly. It is certainly looking like Christmas in their part of Montana. Snow photos are my favorite, but here at the farm I hardly ever see any snow so I love living through the eyes of my Montana friends. Here are places I see everyday in Montana when things are green and full of life. The fresh blanket of snow makes everything so majestic and restful. These are some of my favorite things in Montana! Hope you enjoy these beautiful farm snow scenes. Thanks to J. for his great photography.

The little gate and stones look stunning in the snow.

The play house looks so sweet in the winter snow.

In the summer the ponds are full of ducks and chickens are all around pecking for food. The barn keeps them all warm in the winter!

Inside looking out. I love this photo.

To see more Montana snow pictures just look to the right under tags and click on Montana Snow link.

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  1. We dont see much snow where I live either, so I really liked the pics. On another note, I’m sure you will be watching the games this weekend–waiting to see if either Auburn or Oregon gets a lickin’ from South Carolina or Oregon State! TCU would certainly benefit from a loss from either of them! I’ll be watching too. We need Auburn to win for us to go to the Sugar Bowl. But we will gladly have Oregon State stomp Oregon and give you that chance!! Somehow I just can’t wrap my mind around TCU in the National Championship Game, but having been an ole SWC member for years, I’m certainly rooting for them!!! Go Horned Frogs!!

    • weekendcowgirl says

      Right now I am happy to go to Rose Bowl! That is what I am getting for Christmas, Valentines, Easter & birthday! Cowboy is staying here and sending me with some girlfriends. I just never ever thought I would be able to follow my team to the Rose Bowl. So exciting. I did not go to the Fiesta Bowl last year. Remember when we were kids and our parent’s all met for the Cotton Bowl? That was one of our most fun times!

  2. Nice pictures, and what a beautiful place to live in, very rustic. There are log homes for sale in Montana so that you can see this kind of scene all winter long!

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