Cherry Apple Red

Found both of these trucks in the same little country town. I really love the old 40s and 50s vintage trucks. Spotted the white one in front of a restaurant and the other in front of a church. Do not know who owns them, but know I wish I did. Driving around the farm would take on an entire new meaning if I were in one of these. The red truck is a 1954 Chevy and Cowboy tells me the truck color is Cherry Apple Red. I do not know , but that is “what he said” and the man seemed to know! How much fun would it be truckin’ down the highway in one of these?

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  1. They truly are great looking trucks. And I am sure they would be fun to drive. However, I just wonder if there is any air conditioning in them. Probably not. They would be AWFULLY hot, don’t you think?

    • weekendcowgirl says:

      Probably 100% chance they do not have air conditioning! I guess it would be really hot, but boy would we look great while driving!! Ha…

  2. Some cars had air conditioning back then but they were huge contraptions that affixed the window. I love the candy apple red truck, haven’t heard that color term in years.

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