Cowgirl and Cowboy Christmas Gifts

I knew for months about the special gift I was going to get for cowboy.  We had decided early on that we would just give one gift to each other and make it easy this year. I waited until last minute to get his gift at a sale the outdoor store ran a few days before Christmas. He loved his gift. The deer cam is exactly what he has been wanting and he cannot wait to try it out!

Cowboy put a lot of thought into his gift for me also and came up with the perfect gift! Now we have two great deer cam’s we can put in different places. Isn’t it grand that great minds think alike?!

We actually thought it was very funny that we each thought this is what the other wanted at the ranch! They will both go up this week next to several deer feeders. Hopefully, they will catch some good shots of deer instead of cowboy driving by the feeders!

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  1. I love stuff like that. Happened to me this year, too – as part of larger gifts, my dearest pal and I exchanged truffle salt. Mmmmm. . .truffle-icious!

    • weekendcowgirl says

      I just had a truffle with sea salt this week at a friend’s house. Never had chocolate and salt together and it was absolutely the best thing ever. I really loved the combination.

  2. Obviously I’m the opposite of a cowgirl, as I have no idea what a deer cam is – is that for hunting or is it a security cam to capture deer footage?

    • weekendcowgirl says

      A deer cam just takes photos or video of the deer. You place them close to a deer feeder then you can see what deer you have coming around. Just a fun thing to have!

  3. That is just the coolest gift! I hope we see some of those future pictures. Love to have one in my yard.

    • weekendcowgirl says

      I hope to get some photos from it! They have really come down in price the last few years so maybe one in your future?!

  4. Y’all have been together so long, I guess you absolutely do think alike! Really funny!! Can you put up pictures from the Deer Cam on the Blog?

    • weekendcowgirl says

      I can put on the blog and will if the deer will cooperate! I did one a couple of weeks ago with an old cam and it turned out funny!!!It will take awhile to get the height just right and find the right tree or pole to put them on. We have had so many deer, but in the last few weeks have not seen as many so they may have traveled elsewhere?

  5. Happy New Year! And what a great gift! And to have two of them–you two are perfect for each other. My Urban Cowboy got me awesome vintage boots again this year, which is a holiday tradition I hope continues…

    • weekendcowgirl says

      Vintage Boots- Now that is a great gift for sure! Yes, we will enjoy having both of the deer cams. Need to get them put up and get them going!

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